The CODATA-RDA - Ljetna škola istraživačkih podataka

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Applications are now open for the CODATA-RDA School of Research DataScience

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics:

, in collaboration with CODATA:, RDA: and TWAS:, is organising a short course in the data science approaches and skills that are essential for 21st century research. The CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer School will be held at the ICTP, Trieste,  Italy from 1st to 12th August 2016.

The ever-accelerating volume and variety of data being generated is  having a huge impact on a wide variety of research disciplines,from the sciences to the humanities. The international, collectiveability to create, share and analyse vast quantities of  having a profound, transformative effect. This 'Data offers great opportunities for students with modern data skills,both in conducting their research and in entering a jobs marketwhere those skills are in demand.

Contemporary research - particularly when addressing the most significant, transdisciplinary research challenges - cannot be done effectively without a range of skills relating to data. This includes the principles and practice of Open Science and research data management and curation, the use of a range of data platform  and infrastructures, large scale analysis, statistics, visualisation and modelling techniques, software development and annotation and as the ensemble of these skills.


The deadline for applications is 18 April 2016.